For competitions organised by bamix® on Facebook and Instagram

Competition organiser:

Gl. Skivevej 70
DK-8800 Viborg

Telefon: 8928 1313

Your information will not be passed on to a 3rd party.

The competition is not created or operated by Facebook Inc. or Instagram. In other words, the competition is neither sponsored/managed by, or affiliated with Facebook.

Use of personal data:

By entering the competition you also consent to our recording your name and other necessary contact details.
All personal data transferred at the time of registration will be kept under secure conditions.
The information you submit in the context of the competition will only be available to Bamix, the organiser of the competition.
Bamix stores information about the entrants confidentially to use for:

  • The actual competition and for any message informing the person in question that he/she has won a prize
  • The delivery and shipment of the prizes
  • The contact details will be used exclusively for contact in relation to the competition.